101 Black Stage Managers

During this pause in our working lives, The Stage Manager’s Association has focused their energies on creating initiatives to better serve the entire Theatre community. The Stage Manager’s Association is pleased to announce that they will be partnering with the Black Theatre Caucus to raise the visibility and knowledge into the community of outstanding Black Stage Managers.

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The goal of this partnership is to identify and honor One Hundred and One Black Stage Managers. It is the SMA’s intention, to offer to these stage managers, a two-year professional membership, as part of our commitment for big change in the SMA. It is their hope that with the addition of these voices to their professional association, they will gain new opportunities to learn, to make change and find their way to a more equitable Stage Managers’ Association for all.

Below are the Stage Managers showcased…

If you know a black stage manager that should be on our pages, contact us!

Let’s continue to share Black Excellence today and every day.